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Understand Your Septic Tank

Inside a septic tank, you'll find three layers. The top layer is called "scum," where materials float to the surface. Next, you'll find the "effluent," the middle layer where mostly clear water is found. The bottom layer is called the "sludge," where inorganic materials and by-products fall. A properly functioning tank will allow waste to be collected in the tank and then get broken down. This is a biological process and can be easily disrupted or even stop working. To help the natural process along, we invest in bioFORCE as one of our go-to bacteria products.

Learn the benefits of bioFORCE

  • Extends the life of the drain area

  • Controls methane production

  • Improves drain field percolation

  • Keeps sewer lines open

  • Neutralizes detergent bleach

  • Prevents drain blockages

  • Will not attack plastic or metal plumbing

  • Safer to use than the harsh chemicals

  • Helps eliminate soggy soil caused by clogging

  • Degrades paper, grease, and vegetable waste

  • Degrades waste faster

  • Eliminate odors which can attract insects

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You should regularly clean out the organic and inorganic sludge. The frequency of your cleaning depends on the size of your system and your family's use habits. Once the pumping is done, you should add monthly treatments of bioFORCE Septic Tank Additive to maintain your tank's bacterial level.


To add bioFORCE Septic Tank Additive, simply drop in the pre-packaged, pre-measured pouches into your toilet bowl. The plastic pouches dissolve so you don't need to worry about getting any residue on your hands.

How to Clean with bioFORCE biological digestant

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